Waste Management

In Calgary we have a waste management system that works. Maybe you ask yourself why should we change it or talk about it. Because Canada is number one producer of garbage per capita in the world and at this rate we will surround our cities with landfills. Because from time to time tons and tons of nicely packed recyclable materials are sent to the landfill – you can hear it in the local news. We pay a hefty price every time the recyclable materials (separate collection, sorting and storage) end up in the landfills. I heard no public conversation about looking into alternatives, about finding a better way to do it.

As an elected councillor for Ward 12 I will start the conversation to improve the local waste management and I will bring voices and facts to the table.  Right now Canada is making negative international news for exporting our garbage, let’s start locally and bring changes and make sure we don’t overpay for recyclable materials to end up in our landfills. 

Waste-to-energy approaches are getting a lot of traction around the world – take a look here and here . They are efficient and lower polluters than what we have now. Canadian universities are part of international studies and projects for waste management yet they are not visible in the Canadian waste management conversation. We can find better, cheaper and more sustainable solutions having the right conversation and bringing fresh ideas and more people around the table.

It is not an easy conversation but people are looking for changes and for answers – CBC investigation. The amount of garbage around us is growing daily and we can start to change that right here, right now.