The Platform

These things are the priority on my agenda once elected councillor for Ward 12:

Less reactive, more proactive

There is too much reacting in the City’s Hall – we wait for something bad to happen and then we react and we debate and we spend a lot of time (and money) pointing fingers. We can do better than that, we can build better and be proactive. Don’t let a small issue grow into a big and expensive problem. Look at City’s Arts Program – how much money and how much public outrage was needed before some structural changes were done? How come nobody saw or fixed that squeaking wheel at the first signs of trouble? The blue ring was a very obvious sign that something was wrong but we needed to get to the $500K stones on metal poles to do something.  As councillor for Ward 12 I will fight to build things better, not “just fine for now”. Take a look at my vision for the City’s waste management program and let’s start a different conversation, bringing sustainability and respect for public money into the equation. 

Less red tape 

We have rules and regulations for the snow angel yet, if I own a landscaping company and I want to use one of my machineries to clean half of my neighborhood, I cannot do it on volunteering basis because other rules and regulations. I need to be paid for the job and have a contract !! These are small things that we can look into and change. Sometimes broken rules hold us back from doing better for our community.

Bring community participation and stake holder engagement into the conversation

There are so many ideas one can come up with and fresh interesting ideas from the community voices or from students can make a big difference. I want to bring community participation into the City’s projects, into the public conversation. We often say all we do is for our kids’ future so let’s give younger generations a voice, a seat at the table. One person, one councillor, with no help from local or global partners, cannot build good public policies – I want to put more people and more ideas together and use all the knowledge available out there. If another city in this wide world runs a project that fits Calgary needs, why not learning all the ups and downs from them, why not adapting that project and make it work for the betterment of our beautiful city? No need to start everything from scratch, we can use things invented a long time.