Campaign News

I’ve worked hard for everything I have and I will work even harder to gain your trust and your vote. A big thanks to the friends, neighbours and clients who gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream and enter the race for the Ward 12 Councillor. 

Book your meeting with John (Chubby Hubby) Duta – it can be for a free repair or free advice or just for an old fashion face-to-oface honest conversation. For more details and for a booking click on the link above.

I am starting the campaign for the Ward 12 Councillor Office. The way I will roll up my sleeves and work for Ward 12 residents, starting now, is the same way I will work once elected Ward 12 Councillor. I will use my skills and my knowledge to do small repairs and to advise any Ward 12 electors who want to meet me. I believe in hard work and face-to-face honest conversations and I know a happy person can spread the word better than a thousand flyers.

For this campaign I will only use my money, this way I don’t owe any favors to any contributors and I can fully represent the hard working people who voted for me. How can I tell you that I will be mindful with the public dollar if I am not thrifty enough to run a Councillor campaign with my own hard earned dollar? How can I tell you I will serve your interests if I owe favours to some of the contributors to my campaign?

My campaign will be nothing about lawn signs that, at the end of the campaign, will generate more waste for our already stretched waste management system. My campaign will not be about knocking at people’s doors – I want to be invited into your homes and to bring something positive with me. My campaign will be more about work and less about talk.

My main promise? The Ward 12 Councillor Office will always be available for your needs and concerns. I am not a “yes” person and I don’t know how to lie so if you want only “yes, will do” answers for your issues please consider other candidates for this job. I cannot promise you I will solve any and every issue you will throw at me during the campaign because I know once in the office there will be so much new information that I couldn’t access before. Yes, I promise I will do my best to do good by everyone, in a transparent and respectful manner. 

I will be honored and humbled if you give me the opportunity to start my political career and to have a great job. This campaign is like a complex interview for the dream job that would love to get. I don’t tell you I am doing you a big favor if elected, I don’t tell you I will sacrifice my family time and I will take a pay cut once elected – I will just humbly say “Thank you for trusting me with this awesome job and for giving me the opportunity to work for you”. The thing that is hard to express in words is how much passion and time I am willing to put in this Office once elected – I know I can make a difference in this divisive and sometimes toxic political scene, all I need is the chance to prove it.

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