New talking points

Here I will put together all the new interesting ideas and questions that I gather from interacting with you, Ward 12 residents. Thanks for your time and for your interest in our local politics.

Limited terms for politicians – I totally agree that the terms for local Council and for the mayor should be limited to maximum 2 or 3 mandates, after that one can go complacent with the job and has no interest in new initiatives. Once elected I will support a bylaw to limit the terms in the office

Mobile radar cameras – I suspect that mobile radar cameras are a cash cow and not a traffic safety thing. Once in the office I will look into this matter that will be part of the traffic improvement recommendations that I want to bring in front of the Council in the first 2 years of my mandate (traffic improvement is part of my platform).

Active voting – this is one of the most innovative things that would advance the way the City responds to the residents needs. How many times you had an opinion, on a divisive public problem, but you said nothing because some louder voices were saying different? With the technology we have now we can look into an active voting system where every single person who has the right to vote can easily go online with their access code and vote for a municipal issue. This way, at the end of a debate, the vote in the City Council will represent the actual voice of the citizens.

Financial help for the Community Associations –  it is not just an electoral promise, once elected 1/3 of my first 7 months salary will go towards the operational budgets of the 7 Community Associations in Ward 12. I am part of the New Brighton Community Association for 5 years now and I know firsthand how challenging these last 2 years have been for the CAs and they are the first place where you can get more projects done and more people to be active part of their neighborhood. This small contribution to their operational budget will give them some oxygen to survive and put themselves together.

The platforms of other candidates for Ward12 – once elected I would like to meet all the other candidates and to discuss in what way I can transfer some of their good projects into my agenda. I strongly believe one person can come with so many ideas and you always need more players at the table plus a very close contact with the communities you represent. You can find a lot of interesting ideas/projects all across the platforms of other candidates for Ward12 and it will help us all to open more conversations for a better future.

Empty commercial buildings downtown – I am all for finding a balance between the commercial space and the residential space in downtown Calgary. Everyone hoped for a quick oil price recovery and the return of all the businesses but here we are, six years after the oil crashed, with a growing local problem. Instead of yearly juggling with business and residential taxes and hoping the time will solve this problem let’s put together all the information we have and balance the downtown space between residential and commercial to better buffer anything the economy will throw at us. There is no easy fix but we need to start the right conversation and to put everything on paper at municipal level.

Masks, lockdowns, vaccines and government response

I’ve got countless questions regarding these issues and unfortunately most of those questions were from people who want to start a local crusade against all the measures taken during this Covid pandemic. I want to tell everyone that the crusade you want to start is against the Federal Government and the Provincial one. Hear me out – when the Federal Government has no leadership (balls) and it is not capable of following a straight line (any line) during this pandemic then you put all the pressure on the provinces. Following the entire BS and the lack of guidance from the federal level, the provinces are trying to do their best but imagine the confusion when every single province has a different approach. And here you have a trickling effect from federal, to province, to municipal and to individual, with all this debate and fight getting personal and nasty, getting in everyone’s life and neighborhood. Lack of Federal leadership brought us here and if you think that your rights were infringed then please, don’t start a war with your vaccinated/unvaccinated neighbour, start a war with our governments and with our elected officials, MLA and MP.

When was the last time when you heard, at the Federal level, of a clear line to follow or, considering the fluidity of the pandemic situation, a “sorry for being wrong one month ago, in the light of the new research we strongly recommend you to do this”? Waiting for other countries to lead and reluctantly following after brought us in this divisive situation – one of the worst divisions I saw in this wonderful country named Canada, where everyone was proud of how polite we are and how good of a perception the entire world have about us. If I am vaccinated or not, if I am against vaccine passports or not has no relevance, you cannot impose different local restrictions against the provincial regulations or against the federal regulations. Enough is enough; let’s ask more accountability at federal level and provincial level. Let’s hold them accountable for the things that are part of their job description and let’s rebuild our local unity if we want to have a better chance to solve future challenges. At the municipal level we need to deal with public transit, waste management, traffic on our roads, the need for schools, for parks, and the need for better management for public money.

I will never vote, at local level, for something different from what the province is imposing in regards with some health crisis like this pandemic. At the local level we do not have an independent body for Public Health issues to advise us differently from the province. I hope the future will make the “Active voting” possible and then the Councillors will work better for the people who voted them in the Office.