My Story

I am the owner of two young and dynamic companies that I’ve built from scratch. After I lost my job in the oil crash (2014/2015) I’ve started a consulting company – Best Manager and later on a handyman company, Chubby Hubby, to pay the bills until the consulting company takes off.

I call New Brighton, Calgary home since 2014 and I’ve been a volunteer Board member of the New Brighton Community Association since 2016. I have a Bachelor in engineering (forest management) from Transylvania University, Brasov, Romania (2002) and a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal (2011). I held different entry and mid-level managerial positions in Romania until I and my wife decided to change our lives and move to Canada (2007). It was a huge change in our lives and we’ve never looked back.

It may sound like a joke but before arriving in Canada I never earned my living working with my hands and once in Canada I’ve never stopped doing so. I see Canada, my adoptive country, as a sum of new experiences, new things, new people and broader horizons. We’ve adapted fast to the Canadian reality – changing jobs, loosing jobs, worried for the next rent payment, changing houses, changing provinces. In between jobs I was “stay home dad” and my lucky son never spent long hours in daycare/kindergarten or after school programs. Yes, I felt those looks and those harsh judgements but I never understood why “stay home mom” is cooler than “stay home dad”. You should hear two dads showing off with their cooking skills and their cleaning routines. Lately, with the lockdowns and closed schools, it was nice spending more time with my son – he is 11 and impatient to help me with the campaign.

I’ve always loved politics and I’ve always followed what was happening on the political stage but I’ve never considered running for a public office until now. I’ve been volunteering long before even knowing the meaning of the word volunteering and I am still shy seeing this news coverage from 2010, but this is part of who I am – searching new things, learning my way around and helping others in the process.

In Canada I’ve learnt how powerful the information is and how much harm can be done by gossip and misinformation. I saw new comers who almost ruined their lives because of bad advices or intentional misguiding from people they trust so I put hundreds of hours in the website depicted in the coverage just to put together real, useful information. If that information has changed for the better the course of only one life then it worth the time.

Meeting new people and learning about my new country was hard when living in a “new comer bubble” so I’ve volunteered a lot to learn more, to get a different exposure – daycare trips, school trips, choir events, bingo events, non-profit organizations. Looking back now, ten years later, I realize that the 2010 interview was a big turning point in our lives. All we needed was to get out of our bubble, to meet new people and to ask around for the things we need – if you don’t ask nobody can guess your needs, your questions.

All the experiences along my Canadian life led me here, humbly asking you to give me the chance and the honor to be your councillor for Ward 12. I can put it in so many words and God knows I did not decide to run with a light heart (and put my life out there, in the spotlight) but I know I can make a difference for a better future. 

Thank you for taking your time to read my story and don’t forget, your vote is important.