Traffic Improvement

Simple math – we have a finite number of roads in Calgary and an increasing number of cars on the roads. There are a lot of bad jokes about Calgary’s drivers and I am a Calgary driver so my opinion cannot be impartial by any means. Do I have a magic wand to fix this overnight ? No, but I have an idea or two how to change things for better.

Once elected Councillor for Ward 12 I will run an extensive traffic study using all the information available from the police (accident history, location, circumstances, etc), from private foundations (there are a lot of non-profits monitoring the car accidents consequences and circumstances in Alberta – check here ) and from extensive recordings with dash cams (with regard to the privacy laws).  You can think “more waste of public money” and I will say “not really”. The biggest three insurance companies in Alberta are already financing accident and claim prevention projects like the “Hail Suppression Program” for Calgary, in order to prevent extensive hail damage events in Calgary. Yes, this is the word I love, PREVENTION. They pay few millions annually into the hail prevention program to prevent/avoid a lot of millions or maybe billions in hail damages, so a good prevention project can get the attention and financing from the private sector.

I want to initiate an extensive traffic study that will be run through stake holder engagement and community participation. We need to get to the bottom of our traffic problem in an informed way – being frustrated in traffic and taking it on social media won’t improve traffic on our streets. 

The Deerfoot Trail Study just wrapped up in January 2021 yet there are way more things to be done. We need to see the bigger picture where there is an intimate correlation between the roads design, the driving habits and the policing of those roads, plus many other things we will find along the way.