130 Ave SE link with Stoney Trail

As a councillor for Calgary’s Ward 12, the link between 130 Ave SE and Stoney Trail will be on the top of my agenda.

The connection of 130 Ave SE with Stoney Trail was part of the initial development plans for the SE area. At one point, given the population dynamics, it was considered unnecessary so it was removed from the planning. Now I want to put it back in the City planning and to get it done.

Safety reasons – two years ago was a big traffic incident that closed down 52 Street SE and left residents from New Brighton and Copperfield with no access in or out of the communities. At that time we talked about the incident in a New Brighton Community Association meeting and we realized that a the link between 130 Ave SE and Stoney Trail is not a want, is a need, a safety must.

Economic reasons – the link between 130 Ave SE and Stoney Trail will give better exposure and long term economic growth for the business community in the 130 Ave SE area.

Traffic ease – the traffic on 52 Street SE is growing daily between Glenmoore and Stoney Trail South (22x) with no improvement in sight. Once the direct link between 130 Ave SE and Stoney Trail is done the growing pressure on 52 Street SE will ease. With the additional access for Mahogany, through 88th St SE, straight from Stoney Trail, the access within Ward 12 will look better for years to come.

Technical considerations – in 2020, the twinning of the driving lines on 130 Ave SE, between 52 St SE and McIvor Blvd SE, was done, meaning half of the job is done. This year, a small commercial development in the NW part of the Copperfield community, with access from 130 Ave SE, makes the project a bit easier. And if you take a walk in the marshlands North of Copperfield community  (next to Stoney Trail) you will see that the entire footprint for the connection to Stoney Trail is already there – the continuation of 130 Ave SE and the dirt mounds for a future bridge over Stoney Train.  

I can safely say 75% of this project is done. Considering all the residents I’ve talked with about this project are looking forward to better access from Stoney Trail, all is needed is political will.