I’ve always been passionate about politics and I’ve always felt more comfortable fighting for others than for myself so here I am seeking the privilege to be your Councillor for Ward 12. The politicians should always work for and with the people who elected them and not the other way around. I want to bring community participation and stake holder engagement into our public conversation. I want to bring transparence, accountability and common sense in our public projects. 

I have the knowledge and the drive to search far and wide for any relevant information that can get things done. People make the difference – how many times you ask for the manager because a clerk tells you that your issue cannot be solved? I am that type of person who can solve the problem, who is not afraid of rolling sleeves and working hard and not stopping until the job is done properly. 

This is my platform, the things I want to tackle once elected councillor for Ward 12. I believe in transparency, accountability and broader approaches. I am a hard working person and I believe a solid foundation for any big or small project is very important. A lot of fancy words backed up by no scientific data are just words, drag time and waste of money.

Ward 12 is home to a young, diverse and vibrant population and includes the following eight communities:

  • New Brighton
  • Shepard & Hotchkiss
  • McKenzie Towne
  • Copperfield
  • Cranston
  • Auburn Bay
  • Mahogany
  • Seton

The picture bellow shows Ward 12 boundaries for the October 2021 municipal elections.

130 Ave SE link to Stoney

The connection of 130 Ave SE with Stoney Trail was part of the initial development plans for the SE area. At one point, given the population dynamics, it was considered unnecessary so it was removed from the planning. Now I want to put it back in the City planning and to get it done.

Stronger Communities

In Alberta, the Community Associations were formed years ago, by people who wanted to bring the small town feeling into the big city. Our modern society drives us in the exact opposite direction, individualism and more individualism. We need our neighbors more than we need our government.

Green Line

Green Line is a long due project with a very long reach. If a neighbour tells you he/she will not use the Green Line then ask another neighbour who will tell you that 20 years ago he/she bought a house in Ward 12 because of the Green Line coming soon. And here we are, 20 years later, with no Green Line started but...

Waste Management

In Calgary we have a waste management system that works. Maybe you ask yourself why should we change it or talk about it? Because Canada is number one producer of garbage per capita in the world and at this rate we will surround our cities with landfills.

Traffic Improvement

Simple math – we have a finite number of roads in Calgary and an increasing number of cars on the roads. There are a lot of bad jokes about Calgary’s drivers and I am a Calgary driver so my opinion cannot be impartial by any means. Do I have a magic wand to fix this? ..

Fiscal Accountability

In an ideal place we pay no taxes and we worry about nothing, but in this world we need to pay our fair share of taxes. I was unpleasantly surprised when Calgary’s Mayor explained the raising taxes with “Other cities have higher taxes than us”.

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